Hyundai i10 – My kinda car

Hi all folks,

Finally found some time for the next set of blog. Hopefully this should continue for longer time…

I got my i10 recently from Kun Hyundai in Chennai. Lets talk about the thought process and the experience I had in choosing and buying our car. Note: there is nothing technical in this blog.. if you want technical stuff, well, then this is not the place 🙂

1. Purchasing the car – Needs

My fundamental need was to have a car for a family of 5 members. All members in my family are “well endowed” (meaning large! – except my dad). I am almost 6’5″, hence comfort was a big factor. On searching around I settled in on 2 cars

1. Maruti Wagon R

2. Hyndai Santro

The blog title says i10, but surprisingly it was never on my list!!

Wagon R

Wagon R is a solid car from Maruti that has been in India for over 10 years now. The head space in the car is very good and it is spacious. This was my choice of car. It can fit in 4 people comfortably and the 5th person can squeeze in.


1. Cost : 3.45 Lacs top end Petrol model (on road Chennai)

2. Space + head room

3. Re-salability

4. The Maruti Network


1. Looks! – Cheap plastic dashboard

2. A bit rough driving

3. Essentially it is 2+2 person car. The fifth member, if thin, can fit in, otherwise it is going to be a difficult drive.

After having a look at Wagon R, I went to see Santro

Hyundai Santro

The Santro, has also been in the Indian market for nearly 10 years now. Many people who have owned the car have given it rave reviews and feedback. My take on the car.


1. Height – lots of it

2. Excellent dashboard and styling

3. Cost 3.54 Lacs top end petrol model (Chennai onroad)


1. Essentially it is also a 4 person car. The fifth person can fit in if a bit thin.

When we were going seeing the Santro, we noticed a small red machine sitting in a well lit corner of the show room. We went and had a look at the car – it was wonderful to see. It was the top end model of i10. I enquired about the pricing and found that the base model (ERA) costs the same as Santro as it is the same engine. The next version Kappa engine (i10 Magna) costs around 4.48 Lacs(Ex showroom Chennai).

We went shopping around for i10 Magna’s rates and specs. Quite a few useful site that helped me are

We finally settled for Kun Hyundai Chennai – They offered us the i10 Magna variant at 4.23 On-road Chennai with the following

1. Teflon coating

2. Centralized locking

3. Sony XPload MP3 System

4.  Mats, Sun film, Seat covers

5. Car covers.

I got our i10 prompt on Sunday 25/Oct/2009 at 2.00 (the promised time). Have driven nearly 500 KMs on it, It has been a pleasure so far.


1. Some of the best styling in an Indian small Car

2. Good Service N/W

3. 5 people (who are on larger side) can fit in to this car

4. A/C is dammn effective – even in Chennai

5. Not too expensive

6. Amazing Engine (kappa) – not a sound when started / idling.


1. Not much now! but watch out for more.

Watch out for more on the car’s performance, pluses and minuses . Should be posting it around this weekend.

Hope you like this blog… do leave your comments.


5 thoughts on “Hyundai i10 – My kinda car

  1. Congrats on ur new car… good post, very useful for others planning their first or second cars.

    Will visit more if you will post more 🙂

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