Backing up iPod Touch

I had a peculiar situation. My Windows Vista was behaving badly (is this a surprise???). So, I choose the age old recommended method to format and re-install my OS.

I meticulous backed up my documents, personal settings and hit on format and install!!.

Once I formatted, the performance of Vista was good. I wanted to listen to my favorite music as part of a feel good moment. I searched, searched and searched but could not find my music collection. I had forgot to back up my music -16 GB of painstakingly collected  music – vanished in a whimp!.

I tried to unformat the drive and recover my music, but all that I got back was a corrupted set of junk files. In all her innocence, my wife suggested why don’t you take it from your iPod.

Eureka!!! my iPod was sitting next to my laptop and the obvious solution was missing – sometimes it does take a genius to figure out a solution to a genius problem!!.

I searched the net high and dry for a back up solution. There were many paid programs – I did not want to use. Finally after weeks of searching, I came across a good freeware that does the same – sharePod. I tried it and found this is some thing that actually works!!! Yahooooo! I got my music collection back .

I think that this great software is a real time saver. Share pod can be got at :

Hope this save lots of time for you to. Do leave your comments!

Some Screenshots



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